Travel to the Northwest Angle & Islands CUSTOMS FREE! No Crossing the border!

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Rates starting at $150/per person round-trip.
Past American Point $155
based on 6 people

One-way minimum - $450/up to 6 people
Round-Trip minimum - $900/up to 6 people
One-way jump ons are $75 with others

Travel one way is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the weather. We travel during daytime hours only. Maximum per person cargo weight allowed 75 lbs. Freight rates are available upon request.  

If you don't have the minimum number of people and do not want the boat or track vehicle private to your group, we are happy to try to fill it with other passengers to help reduce the cost for you. 

Best Summer Departure Times: 
4pm from Rainy River & 8:30am from Northwest Angle/Islands 

Best Winter Departure Times: 
2pm from Rainy River and 9am from Northwest Angle/Islands

Available December 26 through October

In the summer travel by a 27'-30' boat and in the winter by bombardier. Service from the Rainy River to Oak Island, Flag Island, Northwest Angle, and surrounding area.

Summer 2021 Rates
May - October

No Set Schedule - All Trips Are On-Demand - Flexible Schedule

Summer Garden Island Trips

$450 for the boat up to 6 passengers up to 2 hours on the island. Additional time on the island $40 per hour.

Trip Availability

Click on the day of your choice for available options and contact us by text 218-395-0414 or email to book.